TEG Creator

The new zone for the 2021 TEG Campus

TEG Creator was born with the illusion of turning the generation of content for social networks into a reference in Africa and Spanish-speaking countries. We want young Equatoguineans to have the necessary tools to publish quality content, creating videos, publishing in different fashion networks and taking an image of the country and its development beyond our borders.

For this reason TEG Campus creates this new space, we want to promote the generation of content through various activities that will be developed during this edition, so we created CREATOR CAMP and CREATOR ADVANCE two contests in which you can participate.

Zone coach

Hello, my name is Monanga, which in Spanish means STAR, my goal with this TEGCAMPUS is to make known my country, Equatorial Guinea, and also to help future influencers who compete in the TEG Creator. Equatorial Guinea is a country in Central Africa, with less than 2 million inhabitants, it is also the only country in Africa that speaks Spanish. In my .Youtube channel I talk about Equatorial Guinea, every Saturday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I upload videos about me, braids, opinions, analysis, my studies…etc. I hope you subscribe and become part of this small community of Estrellitas.

But behind us is a great team that will make this great adventure possible, you will have training, master class, talks, coach and the most cutting-edge resources to create an enviable content.

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If you want to get started in content generation, sign up for our reality show, CREATOR CAMP.
But if you are already an expert and have hundreds of followers, you might be interested in participating in CREATOR ADVANCE and be able to win this great prize.

What are you waiting for?

Zone coach

Hello, my name is Lissa, I worked 4 years in a TVGE program called Bocoboco, I was presenter of the musilandia section and in the film section I represented an actress.

I presented several UNICEF events. I have also presented some musical events of national artists. I organized an association of emotional help in order to make young people feel better by observing positive thinking that can benefit them and how not, to society or the environment in which they live.


TEG Campus 2021 Novelty

TEG Creator CAMP:

We will develop a work environment for the participants in this category that will consist of a reality TV show that will train a group of 15 people in different areas related to content creators.


1st phase ONLINE (25 to 30 participants)

Select those who will go to the blended learning phase.

2nd Semi face-to-face phase (15 candidates)

They come to receive improvement classes

3rd Face-to-face phase from July 22nd to 28th (7 finalists)

They are present the 5 days of the TEG


We will select a group of active influencers to participate in this category.

Call to all influencers with the contest conditions:

It is an online contest with remote participation.

Prize of 3.000.000XAF (approx 4500€).

Each day there is a challenge in the program about a specific network from 9:00 that must be solved before 17:00. (7 hours) takes place during the 5 days of the TEG Campus.

They send the video (of any network) by Dropbox of the program.

The jury evaluates according to fixed criteria.

Jury: Renowned influencers, Creator Camp coaches, Creator Camp participants, Gitge Committee.

Accepted videos are published and displayed on the network in question, the winner of the day is the one with the most likes and is added to the ranking of the final prize.

Number of participants:

A maximum of 15.




Quality of content

Showing Guinea and its touristic interest, interesting corners, etc.

Evaluation of themes used

Visual effects used


TEG Campus 2021 Novelties

Speak Creator 1

¡Copiad malditos!

The alternative routes to ‘copyright’

What is intellectual property, what is copyright, and to what extent can you own an idea? For some years now, and especially since the massive irruption of the information society, the system is constantly being questioned. To what extent can it be a crime to copy? Don’t we all copy constantly when we think?

Los 6 tipos de licencias Creative Commons • UCAV EIPE

Speak Creator 2

Fan Films, a passion.

Films made by amateurs that are worth knowing about

A fan film or fanfilm is defined as an audiovisual production created by fans of a certain character or story. The availability of inexpensive cameras and video editing tools on home computers allows anyone who has enough time and can organize a sufficiently large group of people to make films.

THE HOLOCRON : A Star Wars Fan Film Story - TEASER - YouTube

Speak Creator 3

Power of eSports.

A professionalized sector

I believe e-sports will compete with the larger traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities, and between advertising, ticket sales, licensing, sponsorships and merchandising, there are huge growth areas for this nascent industry: Steve Borenstein, president of Activision Blizzard’s eSports division and former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network.

Esports: Everything You Need to Know

SpeakCreator 4

Un mundo Irreal (An unreal world)

Artificial human or a simple avatar?

The figure of the avatar as a graphic representation of a user in the metaverse has evolved over the years since its first appearance in role-playing games, becoming increasingly more defined and corporeal in platforms such as virtual reality. The inclusion of these avatars in social worlds where to exchange and communicate with other users, has made necessary their personalization, because in social worlds governed by the same rules of social networks, users seek to express their personality in the avatars they embody, as they are a digital extension of ourselves.



Speak Creator 5


In recent years, the influencer phenomenon has multiplied at breakneck speed.

Collaborations between “influencers” and brands are now our daily bread and we all know that these partnerships exist.

Although we now call them “influencers”, inspirational people have always existed: artists, celebrities, journalists, or experts who knew how to influence the decisions of thousands of people.

And it seems that lately a series of inappropriate behaviors have become evident that rather than benefiting, they are harming the brands represented by influencers.

The “anything goes”. Influencers who accept any type of collaboration with brands.

Malos influencers: embarradas de las celebridades de Internet | Vibra