The TEG Campus 2021 will take place from the  July 22nd to July 27th online and face-to-face. There will be 5 days of technology for all age groups: workshop conferences, hackathon competitions and lots more.

There are a number of ways to participate in the TEG Campus:

  • General public
    • Competitors: present an idea for a social problem solution, in one of the listed areas: inventions, App developer or website designer.
    • Volunteer: assist the organization in essential daily tasks: Being a volunteer involves providing assistance for the simple satisfaction of being involved. All work is voluntary and unpaid.
    • Gamer or videogame player: taking part in the videogame tournaments scheduled for this edition.
  • Companies and leading personalities: companies and leading personalities can participate in the TEG Campus 2021 through financial donations or other assistance and TEG Campus activity. For more information please call us on: 222-12-99-97
  • Press: by arrangement to report GITGE activity.

To become a contestant or Gamer in the TEG Campus 2021, go to the registration page, select the area in which you want to participate and complete the corresponding form. Places are limited and you have until July 15 to register.

To become a volunteer, log on to the website and sign up on the “volunteers” section. Unfortunately, the volunteering registration has been closed.

Contestant: a participant who will demonstrate his or her skills in the areas of TEG Creator and Hackathon.

Gamer: is the participant who will demonstrate their skills in the area of video games. They have restricted access to the LabZone area.

Hackathon: English term that refers to the area in which the contestants will develop application development and web design.

Participant: when we talk about participant, we refer to all the people who will participate in the TEG Campus in any of the contest modalities: Gamers, application development, web design or inventions. Their working areas are the LabsZone and the GameZone.

Organizers: personnel designated to work in the event. It will be formed mostly by GITGE staff.

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