The TEG C@mpus 2020 will take place from the 18th June to the 10th July on-line. There will be 24 days of technology for all age groups: workshop conferences, hackathon competitions and lots more.

There are a number of ways to participate in the TEG C@mpus:

  • General public
    • Competitors: present an idea for a social problem solution, in one of the listed areas: inventions, App developer or website designer.
    • Volunteer: assist the organization in essential daily tasks: Being a volunteer involves providing assistance for the simple satisfaction of being involved. All work is voluntary and unpaid.
    • Gamer or videogame player: taking part in the videogame tournaments scheduled for this edition.
  • Companies and leading personalities: companies and leading personalities can participate in the TEG C@mpus 2020 through financial donations or other assistance and TEG C@mpus activity. For more information please call us on: 222-12-99-97
  • Press: by arrangement to report GITGE activity.

To sign up as a competitor or Gamer at the TEG C@mpus 2020, log on to the TEG C@mpus website: and fill in the form with your details listing the areas which interest you. Places are limited and you can sign up between the 15th May until the 15th June.

To become a volunteer, log on to the website and sign up on the “volunteers” section.

Competitor: a participant who will show off their skills in the Makeathon and Hackathon areas.

Gamer: a participant who will show off their skills in the videogames area. They will be active in the LabsZone.

Hackathon: an English term which refers to an event in which the entrants compete to develop web apps and website designs over a set time limit.

Participant: this refers to all the individuals participating in the TEG C@mpus in any of the competition modes: Gamers, and apps, website and invention developers. They will be at work in the LabsZone and GameZone.

Organizers: Staff appointed to work at the event. They will be specially trained and the majority will be GITGE personnel.