All ready. see us by TEG TV. open your minds and be prepared for openning ceremony 22th July


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Enjoy all the contents of this edition of TEG 2021, conferences, round tables, interviews, concerts… and a variety of TV programs focused on technology.


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Want to contribute your vision to the TEG community? Participate in the workshops and make your own voice heard at each of the scheduled sessions – space is limited!

Invest in your personal development in contact with experts from around the world.


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Be part of one of the working groups, create your project and contribute your ideas and creators. With the help of the TEG 2021 Coaches, you will turn your illusions into real projects with which to demonstrate your skills.


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Dazzle with your skills in online and in-person tournaments, and discover the latest in games and game consoles. Live “Pro” tournaments and training sessions will reveal the keys to becoming a professional gamer. Are you going to miss it?

TEG Creator

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Discover the necessary tools to publish quality content on social networks. We will show you the way to create amazing videos with which you can spread your message beyond our borders.