A vision for the future of technology and entrepreneurship in Africa.

En busca de incubadoras tecnológicas que impulsen la revolución digital en África

To promote the ICT industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, the entrepreneurial spirit, and to support increased access to the Internet and communications in rural areas, but also in urban areas.

These are some of the proposals promoted by Dr. Oscar Ondo, an entrepreneur in the African technology space who has led several campaigns to lower Internet tariffs in Equatorial Guinea, achieving the goal with two significant reductions.

Thanks to his vision and the position he holds as General Manager of GITGE (Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Infrastructure Manager), the country has made an astronomical leap in its access to technology, with the connection of Equatorial Guinea to the world through fiber optic technology, with submarine cables such as: ACE, Ceiba-1 and Ceiba-2, Ultramar Guinea Ecuatorial, Mandji and the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) cable, which connects South America with West Africa and was a milestone in the history of GITGE, thus leaving a large footprint in the international market.

Three initiatives to digitally revolutionize Guinea and Central Africa.

Thanks to his training and PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Sussex, Dr. Oscar Ondo has been able to lead initiatives that are creating a digital revolution: GITGE Educa, GITGE Conéctate, TEG Campus and TEG TV. He also tells us that they are very close to launching other initiatives that the current world situation has delayed, but that are aimed at training youth and helping entrepreneurship, in a collaborative manner and using resources so that other organizations seeking the same goal can grow and thus have a technological HUB in Equatorial Guinea that is a reference in the sub-region and that places the country as a center of excellence in technology worldwide. “GITGE Educa is a program that seeks to promote digital transformation in the education sector, offering not only a computer classroom in the country’s public education centers, but also free fiber optic internet access. The second project, Gitge Conéctate, aims to open free wifi points in public places in the country, obtaining a large daily capacity of users. Finally, TEG Campus, a technological event focused on youth that aims to build a bridge between young talent and the corporate sector, as well as to promote the diversification of the economy through the technology sector,” he explains to emphasize that this is the only way to achieve the democratization of technology that the West has already experienced but that in Africa remains one of the Achilles’ heels to achieve progress and compete in its development. The objective of all these initiatives is to train young people to open the door to the world of incubators, offering from Equatorial Guinea the entrance to Africa of multinational companies that want to invest in technology in a continent where everything is yet to be achieved in this field, being an ideal place for growth and technological development that is a pioneer and a reference worldwide. Equatorial Guinea also has good infrastructures, both civil and technological, and a climate of peace that emanates from its people throughout the national territory.