TEG Campus, your ideas are the technological answer that changes the world.

New developments 2021

  • TEG Creator: (it’s like a teg campus for influencers and media makers)
  • GE Cosmos: Call to be developed during the academic year 2021-2022 for a national CanSAT competition that will lead to a GE satellite.
  • GameZone and LabsZone have their on-site area at BATA.
    TEG TV 3.0
  • 360 3D virtual exhibition
    Workshops and Labs in a specific platform limited to 20 virtual attendees with engagement and open to all spectators through TEG TV and communication through social networks.

Zone colors

Current scenario

  • GITGE has directed its corporate social responsibility projects towards the creation of an ICT ecosystem for Equatorial Guinea, and in this sense, TEG Campus plays a fundamental role in its strategy, as an event that creates synergies between young talent, professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology sector, but also as an egalitarian space in which the critical mass of users has the opportunity to come into contact, meet and learn about the latest advances in this area.
  • It is the 4th edition of the TEG Campus, it is the edition that will decide if the TEG is the tool that young people need in the current annual format.
  • All possibilities are within our reach. We have the power to create, to connect and to execute: we have the power to change the world.

Our statement to the world:


TEG Campus exists because there are technology, and it experiments with it in order to continue advancing.

TEG Campus promotes the technological future that will transform the world, and more specifically the African continent, making it faster, more effective and improving its global communication.


TEG Campus seeks, creates and supports talent. It fosters multiculturalism and internationalisation, both with amateurs and experts in the technological field, generating skills transfers and digital learning opportunities.


TEG Campus fosters the creativity of minds unafraid of challenges and knowledge. Its main objective is to encourage and inspire participants to develop projects and ideas that have a positive impact on Africa and the world.



Accompanies and encourages young and professional entrepreneurs, innovators and developers, motivating them to explore and exploit the technology sector, strengthening leadership and entrepreneurial awareness.


TEG Campus wants to claim for Equatorial Guinea its identity as a safe and advanced country, standing out technologically in its region. In the same way, it does not want to lose its African identity, but to link these positive adjectives to the whole continent and thus help to promote it.