TEG Campus 2018 Summary

TEG Campus was conceived as a large-scale technological event, which aims to bring together over 3 days all fans of IT, innovation, science, creativity, entrepreneurship and digital entertainment in Equatorial Guinea. The common interests was shared through a range of topics and activities including discussions and workshops, development and programming sessions, design, free software, entrepreneurship, multimedia, videogame design, videos and multiplayer videogame tournaments …The TEG campus opened up the technological spectrum to a wider audience and aims to provide training and the discovery of new talent. Those attending the TEG campus event will also have access to high-speed Internet connection.

The objectives for this first edition were as follows:

  • To bring together promotors and talented individuals in one space, to create a professional network for the telecommunications world.
  • To allow sponsors and collaborators the opportunity to present their products and services to their target audience, who will also be attending the event.
  • To enable an interchange of experiences between employers and potential employees.
  • To discover new entrepreneur talents, and help them to develop their ideas.
  • To promote the need for swift internet connection.

Over the 3 days of the event over 2,000 people visited the Malabo stadium.

2018 figures

TEG CAMPUS 2018 (first edition)
Attendance 2500
Number of Hours 72
Number of Participants 198
Number of Volunteers 60
Number of Workshops 0
Number of Guest Speakers 4
Duration of the event (days) 3
Number of Visitors 2000
Number of Prizes 9
Number of Sponsors 11
Number of devices connected to WIFI 3000
Connectivity (GB) 1