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Teodoro Obiang Nguema
H. E. Teodoro Obiang Nguema

President of Equatorial Guinea

Francisco Pascual Obama Asue
Hon. Mr. Francisco Pascual Obama Asue

Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Foto Agustin Nze
Hon. Mr Agustín Nze Nfumu

President of the AEGLE

Rufino Ovono
H.E. Mr. Rufino Ovono

Minister of Transport, Post and Telecommunications

Exc. Sr. Eucario Bacale Angue
H.E. Mr. Eucario Bacale Angue

Minister of Public Function

Exc. Sr. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima
H.E. Mr. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima

Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons

Exc. Sr. Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo
H.E. Mr. Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo

Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning

Milagrosa Obono Angue
H.E. Milagrosa Obono Angue

Secretary of State, in charge of the General State Treasury

Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema
Hon. Mr. Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema

Rector Magnificent of the UNGE

Dr. Oscar Ondo Ngomo
Dr. Oscar Ondo Ngomo

Founder of TEG Campus

S.E. Carlos
Mr. Carlos Esono Miko Nsing

General Director of GETESA

M. Antonio Oburu Ondo
Mr. Antonio Oburu Ondo

General Director at GEPETROL

Monica nchama Ndong Ayingono
Ms. Monica nchama Ndong Ayingono

Director General of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Artisan Promotion

Sr. Fidel Envo
Mr. Fidel Envo

Vice President and Country Manager at Kosmos Energy

Dr. Sergio Abeso Tomo
Dr. Sergio Abeso Tomo

Teacher, researcher and Lawyer in the Cabinet and T&E Agency

Andrew Rugege
Mr. Andrew Rugege

Regional Director for Africa at ITU

Lacina Cone
Mr. Lacina Kone

CEO of SmartAfrica

Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu
Ms. Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu

CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation

Ms. Olivia Garcia


Buenaventura Mba Sima
Mr. Buenaventura Mba Sima

International Accounts at GITGE

Jose Antonio Ela Ebang
Mr. Jose Antonio Ela Ebang

Project Manager at Gitge

Norman Albi
Mr. Norman Albi

CEO Afri-ix

Horore Bebga
Ms. Horore Bebga

Africa WITS

Benjamin Gyan-Kesse
Mr. Benjamin Gyan-Kesse

Director at Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC)

Adaku Ufere
Ms. Adaku Ufere

Deputy Chief of Party, USAID West Africa Energy Program

Vuyisa Qabaka

HYBR Group, Partner for Southern Africa, Co-Founder at Uprise Africa

Sr. Rafael Mayer
Mr. Rafael Mayer

Entrepreneur and CEO of Bonafide

Esther Borao
Ms. Esther Borao

General director at the Technological Institute of Aragon- ITAINNOVA

Dr. Shadrack Kwadwo Amponsah (PhD, MGhIE)
Dr. Shadrack Kwadwo Amponsah (PhD, MGhIE)

Research Scientist/Lecturer (Agricultural Mechanisation) National Sec (CSIR Research Staff Association, RSA)

Nichole Yembra
Ms. Nichole Yembra

Founder and Managing Director of The Chrysalis Co

Mr. Bosun Tijani

CEO and Co-founder Co-creation Hub, Lagos, Nigeria

Fatim Cissé
Ms. Fatim Cissé

First female graduate in Artificial Intelligence from the Singularity University

Nizar Djalal Adnani
Mr. Nizar Djalal Adnani

Holder of a Doctorate in Marketing, and a passionate advocate of new technologies

Raoul Rugamba
Mr. Raoul Rugamba

Founder of Africa in Colors

Aphrodice Mutangana
Mr. Aphrodice Mutangana

General Manager at kLab, Rwanda

Pamela Eworo
Ms. Pamela Nze Eworo

Director of External Relations and Communication, journalist, general director of La Gaceta

Salim Azim Assani
Mr. Salim Azim Assani

Wenaklabs, Chad

Alban Besse
Mr. Alban Besse

Yekolab, Congo Brazzaville

Radia Abed-Garrigues
Ms. Radia Abed-Garrigues

Juner Achievement, Gabon

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré
Mr. Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

Founder of the Swiss Virtual, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Society

Jean-Philippe Audoli
Mr. Jean-Philippe Audoli

CEO of WAW MUZIK. A virtuoso violinist

Mohamed Zoghlami
Mr. Mohamed Zoghlami

Creative Industries consultant and community builder

Mehdi Omarouayache
Mr. Mehdi Omarouayache

President of the Algeria Digital Cluster, CEO COOFA

Nadine Reichenthal
Ms. Nadine Reichenthal

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship UNIL

Aicha Jeridi
Ms. Aicha Jeridi

Regional Coordinator North Africa

Abib Mbaye
Mr. Abib Mbaye

CEO of MADOKY, key player in the development and promotion of tours in Africa

Bailab, África Central
Mr. Marius Gnalis-Rafai

Bailab, Central Africa

Karima Essabak
Ms. Karima Essabak

CSR Director - Europe Africa Middle East chez McCain Foods

Olivier Madiba
Mr. Olivier Madiba

Founder Kiro'o Games

Charles Kollo
Mr. Charles Kollo

SVP Sales & Marketing at Dreamoval

Dusenge Michel RWEKAZA
Mr. Dusenge Michel RWEKAZA

General Manager of Muni EG

Omar Ben Yedder
Mr. Omar Ben Yedder

Managing Director of IC Publication

Axana Botey
Ms. Axana Botey

ICUBEFARM Public Relations Agent

Paul Jones
Mr. Paul Jones

Tiva Capital Advisors, Managing Partner

Dr. Sidi Ould Tah
Dr. Sidi Ould Tah

General Director of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

John Clash
Mr. John Clash

Principal and Professor at JCSU, the first black college in the United States to have an esports program

Sra. Isabella Fragoso
Ms. Isabella Fragoso

Founder of Take My Brand