Competition Rules

  1. The contest will take place exclusively in person, and all communications will be directly with the members of the organization and including the official platforms designated for it.
  2. Participants may only present projects related to the themes proposed in the Hackathon
  3. The Makeathon participants will be the only ones who will be able to present projects that are related or not to the proposed theme (freestyle)
  4. Only for the hackathon, contestants who have participated in the pre-selection processes of previous Hackathons will be admitted)
  5. The contest will be held in Spanish and English for international participants
  6. For both the Hackathon and the Makeathon, participants must register through the official TegCampus platform and duly fill in all the requested information.
  7. Projects that have already been presented in other forums or that do not belong to the people who present it will not be accepted.
  8. LabZone participants may compete individually or in teams Teams must be made up of a maximum of 5 people
  9. During the contest, participants must work with their own mobile computers, tablets, electronic material with the requirements (hardware and software) that they consider necessary for the development of their project.
  10. The use of any programming language is allowed Likewise, the use of any platform and/or operating system, and development environment or framework, is allowed to carry out the proposed developments. Likewise, the objective environment used for the execution of the tool selected is free, being able to use both traditional environments (Linux, OS X, etc.) and mobile (iOS, Windows Phone etc. or any other technological platform, such as web
  11. Participants may only present Projects related to the themes proposed in the Hackathon. In case of presenting a project outside of said themes, it may be automatically disqualified
  12. In the event that it is detected that any of the participants or groups has breached any of the above conditions, they may be disqualified and eliminated from the contest.
  13. The organizers of the TegCampus reserves the right to reject the participation of any person if has reached the maximum number of places or for any other reason derived from non-compliance with the provisions of these bases or a legal or regulatory provision
  14. During the hackathon the contestants will not be able to present
    1. Previously created projects
    2. Deliver the project after the final closing time estimated by the Organization.
    3. Deliver third-party projects or that violate the intellectual property of a third party.

Responsibilities of the contestants

  1. The participant/team guarantees to be the owner of all the intellectual property rights linked to their project and they do not infringe the rights of third parties.
  2. The participants guarantee that they will not use, or exploit in any way the tools to which they have access, outside the framework of the challenge.
  3. Participants agree to respond to any request for information from the event organizer or the selection committee and jury
  4. Participation in this Hackathon TegCampus 2022 contest implies acceptance of these bases in their entirety, so the manifestation, in the sense of non-acceptance of them, will imply the exclusion of the participant
  5. Likewise, by accepting these legal basis, participants expressly authorize the organization of the TegCampus to use their name and image in all those communications activities in digital and traditional media (press, internet, radio, social networks) for purposes for purposes advertising and/or informative, without having the right to receive any payment or consideration
  6. Likewise, the participant consents to the organization storing their personal data in order to reference their participation, and for the possible public communication of their choice as the selected proposal.