2021 TEG Campus start

2021/07/22 09:00:00

The enrolment of participants is now closed. Welcome to TEG Campus 2021. We wish you an unbeatable experience at the event. We have been working hard for months for this goal. Follow the event on the WEBAPP or through the TEG TV channel. We have received 112.226 users on the WEB during the last 30 days from 89 countries, but mainly from the sub-region, with 16.909 visits from Nigeria, 12.058 from Cameroon, 11.501 from Democratic Republic of Congo. A record 19,840 registered for the event.

‘’The TEG Campus is laying the foundation of what will become the Silicon Valley or should I say the Malabo Forest for IT in Equatorial Guinea’’ – Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank

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One month is left for the long-awaited annual TEG Campus event. This edition shares the success of the online version with the on-site version, both in Malabo and Bata. So you can enjoy the high speed connection of GITGE fibre optics to work on your ideas and turn them into projects and also enjoy the…

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Dates revealed

Due to the change in the school calendar due to the effects of the necessary extension of the school period, the Organising Committee of the TEG Campus 4th edition 2021, has decided that your awaited annual event will take place from the 22nd to the 27th of July. Remember that this year, in addition to…

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El newsletter del TEG 2020

Os presentamos la newsletter que lanzamos una vez acabado el TEG 2020 que ha sido la edición más internacional de las hasta ahora celebradas. Con un desafío por delante, la organización y los jóvenes que participaron en el evento lograron desarrollar con éxito un ecosistema tecnológico que se ha insertado eficazmente en el mapa de…

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