The Gamezone is the stage where the best players in Equatorial Guinea meet and compete

Challenging each other with the most widely used games in the country, only the true adversaries will prove worthy of winning the ultimate prize.

The video game industry is more than entertainment. It is the core element of the creative economy offering more than 20 different job disciplines. It is in full expansion representing 152 billion dollars worldwide increasing every year its value of 10% in the market. It covers many areas such as production, promotion, dissemination and marketing of goods, services and activities of cultural, artistic and patrimonial content in which video games have a central place.




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Dare to step on the sand! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes Clash Royale, a real-time multiplayer game starring your favorite Clash characters, as well as nobles and many other elements.

Collect and upgrade a variety of cards from Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses and noble characters, including the prince, knight and baby dragon. Destroy the enemy towers of the king and princesses to defeat your opponent and win trophies, crowns and glory in the arena. Form a clan to share cards and raise your own battle community.

Lead the Clash Royale family to victory!

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Welcome to Parchis. Multiplayer Parcheesi game that can be played with 2 or 4 players.
Parchis is free. You can chat online with players during the game.

Play Parchis (free) online multiplayer game with 2 or 4 players (real online).

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Brawl Stars

Frantic 3v3 multiplayer battles and survival mode for mobile devices! Play with your friends or solo in a variety of game modes under three minutes.

Unlock and upgrade brawlers featuring powerful super attacks, stellar abilities and gadgets! Collect unique skins to make your characters stand out and fight in a variety of mysterious locations in the Brawl Stars universe!

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Trivia Crack 2

Sharpen your mind with Quiz 2, the trivia game now with questions from your favorite categories!
Test your knowledge about your favorite TV shows, movies, books, artists and more! And of course, don’t forget to answer the funniest questions about general culture: there are quizzes on Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sports and Geography. Ready to become a trivia star?

Invite your family and friends to this trivia challenge with questions about culture and more – show who’s the best!

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The classic checkers game you used to play is now available for free online & offline! Quick Checkers is a multiplayer game where you can challenge players from all over the world to exciting games of checkers – play now!

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Discover a new way to experience soccer with FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and enjoy incredibly fast load times, more realistic AI and haptic feedback to fully immerse yourself in the world’s sport.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - PS4 - Console Game |

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – PS4

Action and fighting, PlayStation Plus required to play online: award-winning fighting game with an expanded version containing the Aftermath story extension, Kombat Pack 1 and Kombat Pack 2. A total of 2 story campaigns and 37 playable characters.

Trivial Pursuit Live! (PS4) - Trophies - PlayStation Mania

Trivial Pursuit LIVE!

Test your knowledge in a fast-paced TV show experience. Unique question formats and diverse round types offer players a new version of Trivial Pursuit. Trivia is now more fun and inclusive for everyone through tailored difficulty levels and unique recovery rounds.

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021: Season Update - PS4 - Console Game |


This product is an updated edition of eFootball PES 2020 containing the latest player data and club squads.

Need for Speed Heat - Videojuego (PS4, PC y Xbox One) - Vandal

Need for Speed™ Heat Standard Edition

Race by day and risk it all by night in Need for Speed ™ Heat, a white-knuckle street racer where the lines of the law fade as the sun begins to set.



    To ensure, maintain a rigorous management and a fair organization of the competitions organized by the Organizing Committee of the TEG CAMPUS, to protect the rights of the participants, as well as the respective rights of the GAMEZONE, partners and the general public.

    1.1 Defend the image of the TEG CAMPUS brand and preserve the integrity of the GAME ZONE.


    This code applies to all players participating in a competition authorized by TEG CAMPUS.

    2.1. All players are subject to this code of conduct and to the GAMEZONE rules. Any player who registers or is registered in a competition authorized by the TEG CAMPUS must accept this code, the GAMEZONE rules and the general competition rules, and is therefore obliged to respect them.


    Players affected by this code of conduct must comply with the general provisions of the TEG CAMPUS code of ethics, as well as with the fundamental values, principles and behaviors defined in this code.


    Players must follow the specific provisions described in this code of conduct:

    4.1. Entries to contests
    4.1.1. Cancellation of participation in an upcoming GAME ZONE competition due to injury or illness and participation in another competition during the period between the date of declaration of injury or illness shall be grounds for disqualification.
    4.1.2. GAMEZONE is not responsible for any connection problems experienced by a contestant.
    4.1.3. Players are the focal point of competitions and their conduct is viewed by other players and potentially hundreds of millions of viewers. All players participating in TEG CAMPUS-sanctioned competitions are expected to act professionally and assume this role as a role model.
    4.1.3. Players are responsible for their presentation, behavior, performance, including the following:
    4.1.4. Punctuality in the competition.
    4.1.5. Behave in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner during any match or at any time within the confines of a tournament site organized by TEG CAMPUS.
    4.1.6. Respect the rules of good conduct before, during and after games, such as thanking the technical officials, shaking hands with opponents, etc. Players should thank their opponents and the referee before leaving the playing area to celebrate victory with their coaches or spectators.
    4.1.7. Dress and present yourself for a tournament in proper attire. Clean and decent clothing should be worn.
    4.1.8. Comply with the conditions for participating in a competition in terms of clothing and advertising regulations.
    4.1.9. Make the most of your efforts to win a game.
    4.1.10. You will finish your game, unless you are unable to do so.
    4.1.11. Respect the technical officers and do not try to influence their decisions by gestures or orally.
    4.1.12. Do not seek advice during the match, except when permitted by the official rules.
    4.1.13. Inappropriate language is strictly prohibited. Violating this rule will result in expulsion from the competition.
    4.1.14. Do not make hand gestures or signs that have a generally recognized obscene or offensive meaning.
    4.1.15. Not to make comments within the confines of a competition site, directed at a technical official, an opponent, a spectator or any other person that include dishonesty, or that are derogatory, insulting or otherwise offensive.
    4.1.16. Do not physically attack a technical official, an opponent, a spectator or any other person. Even touching one of these persons without permission may be considered a physical assault. This leads to immediate expulsion from the competition.
    4.1.17. Act in a sportsmanlike manner. Do not behave in a manner that is obviously violent or detrimental to the sport.

  5. Obligations to the media, members and award ceremonies

    The media activities, partners and awards ceremony are highlights of the tournaments, as well as an opportunity for players to promote themselves and other winners. It is also an opportunity for organizers and partners to be recognized and honored. Players have obligations with respect to these activities and must follow the provisions mentioned in the player entry regulations.

    5.1. Players have an obligation not to engage in any conduct contrary to the integrity of the GAME ZONE game.
    5.2. Finally, if a player, at any time, has behaved in a manner that seriously damages the reputation of the sport, he/she may be deemed, by virtue of that behavior, to have damaged the image of the TEG CAMPUS and will be banned from TEG CAMPUS competitions for a period to be determined by the organizers.