Spread over 5 days, it is a zone for all young people excited to develop projects and ideas that have a positive impact on Africa and the world.

The hackathon will take place from 22 to 27 July 2021. The last day will be for evaluation and the first day for presentation of teams and coaches.

During the TEGTV with its programming from June 15, it will be possible to learn how to use the tools to be used during this LabsZone.

Competition will be divided into different stages, where young people will be guided by coaches, allowing a high quality in the final product to be delivered.

The motto for the 2021 projects is 'The technological answer' in these areas:


Catastrophes are situations that, although they occur infrequently, due to their dimensions, require healthcare and emergency personnel to always be prepared to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently.

For this theme we propose 5 challenges that will be announced on the first day of the hackathon.

1st PRIZE on this category 5.000.- €

1st PRIZE on this category 5.000.- €


How do we take care of the space in which we live and the space in which others, other species and the planet live?

We want participants to identify local problems and propose technological solutions that could help solve these problems.

For this theme we will propose 5 challenges that will be unveiled on the first day.


The aim of this theme is to design a prototype for local farmers and producers to achieve maximum reduction or reuse in food production systems.

We want contestants to look at local needs and propose a model for small-scale farmers to increase their productivity and reduce food waste.

In this theme, we want makers to give free rein to their imagination and come up with automated solutions for local farmers.

The challenges proposed for this theme will be revealed on the first day of the hackathon.

1st PRIZE on this category 5.000.- €

Hackathons have become increasingly popular in recent years as a modern tool for innovation. It is a concept in which solutions for complex problems,products and services are developed in a short time.

  • The TEG CAMPUS proposes a series of challenges for the different themes presented in the Hackathon, with the aim that the contestants find innovative solutions that can be applied locally and internationally.
  • The hackathon is a first step to collaborate with the entrepreneurial ecosystem by promoting collaborative work and solving real problems. Contestants will have to use their soft skills, research skills and effective communication to propose a solution to the challenges posed.

The role of the hackathon in the innovation process

The word hackathon is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon” where hack means experimental and creative problem solving with a playful approach and marathon means the duration of the event. The hackathon has its origins in software and hardware engineering, but the concept is now also successfully applied in other industries to develop innovative solutions.

A hackathon lasts between 2 and 5 days and is dedicated to a specific topic or challenge. Participants work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas and prototypes. The outcome of the hackathon is a finished prototype for an innovative product, service or business model.

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Competition rules:


  • The purpose of these rules is to regulate the participation, by interested individuals or teams, in the activity called “Hackathon” of Teg Campus 2021 (, organised by the Gestor de Infraestructuras de Telecomunicaciones de Guinea Ecuatorial (GITGE), from 23 to 26 July 2021 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.
  • The Teg Campus 2021 Hackathon is a competition of collaborative development of software and hardware in a short period of time, focused on the development and/or improvement of tools related to different themes. In order to participate, the interested party (individual or preferably team, depending on the chosen mode of participation) must comply with the requirements set out in these rules of participation, duly complete and submit in due time and form their development proposal through the official website of the Teg Campus
  • Participants who are minors will have to present a consent form from their parents or guardians in order to participate in the event.
    Only contestants from the selected countries (Africa and Latin America) will be allowed to participate.
  • Participants will only be admitted if they have registered through the official Teg Campus Platform and filled in all the requested information.
    It is possible to participate as an individual, but group participation is recommended.
    Groups must be composed of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5 people.
  • Even if participants enter the competition as a group, each member of the group must register by filling in the appropriate form.
  • The competition will take place online, and all Communications will be made through the official platforms designated for this purpose.
  • The competition will be conducted in English and Spanish.
  • Throughout the competition, participants must use the official platforms and media to communicate with the Teg Campus organisation.
  • During the competition, participants must work with their own means (computers, mobiles, tablets, electronic material) with the requirements (hardware and software) that they consider necessary for the development of their project.
  • The use of any programming language is allowed. Likewise, the use of any platform and/or operating system, and development environment or framework, to carry out the proposed developments is allowed. Likewise, the target environment used for the execution of the selected tool is free, and both traditional environments (Windows, Linux, OS X, etc.) and mobile environments (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.) may be used, or any other technological platform, such as, for example, the web.
  • Participants may only submit projects related to the themes proposed in the Hackathon. At
    If a project is not related to these themes, it will be automatically disqualified.
  • During the hackathon the contestants will not be allowed to present:
    • Previously created projects.
    • Submiting the project after the final closing time estimated by the organisation.
    • Submit projects belonging to third parties or that infringe the intellectual property of a third party.
  • In the event that any of the participants or groups are found to have breached any of the above conditions, they may be disqualified and eliminated from the competition.
  • The organisation of the Teg Campus reserves the right to reject the participation of any person if the maximum number of places has been reached or for any other reason arising from non-compliance with the provisions of these rules or a legal or regulatory provision.

Obligations of participants

The participant/team guarantees that they own all intellectual property rights related to their project and that they do not infringe the rights of third parties.

Participants guarantee that they will not use or exploit in any way the tools to which they have access, outside the framework of the challenge.

Participants undertake to respond to any request for information from the event organiser or the selection committee and jury.

Right of admission

As soon as a person has formalised his/her registration, the Teg Campus Organisation may contact the Applicant to validate the information provided and to initiate the selection process.

The Applicant accepts that the Organisation reserves the right to implement different selection methods depending on the number of applications received, the physical location of the Applicant and the time of registration. This implies the Applicant’s acceptance that the Organisation may contact him/her for interviews by remote means of communication (telephone, videoconference, etc.) in order to assess the suitability of his/her candidature.

In any case, all registered Applicants will receive a communication from the Organisation informing them whether or not they have been selected.

Applications may be rejected by the Organisation without justification, which shall not entitle the rejected Applicant to any kind of claim.

The Organisation also reserves the right to send this communication without having contacted the Applicant at any time. The Organisation guarantees that throughout the selection process, objective and professional selection criteria will be followed in order to ensure the impartial selection of the chosen participants (hereinafter the ‘Participants’).

Intellectual Property Rights

The winning participants of the Hackathon will have full intellectual property rights derived from their winning idea.

Acceptance of the rules

Participation in this competition Hackathon Teg Campus 2021 Hackathon implies acceptance of these rules in their entirety so that the manifestation, in the sense of non-acceptance of them, will imply the exclusion of the participant.

Likewise, by accepting these legal bases, participants expressly authorise the organisation of Teg Campus to use their name and image in all those activities of
communications in digital and traditional media (television, press, Internet, radio, social networks) for advertising and/or dissemination purposes, without being entitled to receive any payment or consideration whatsoever for this.

Likewise, the participant consents to the organisation storing their personal data for the purpose of referencing their participation, and for the possible public communication of their choice as a selected proposal.


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